Book Credits

Book Credits

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Other Books By The Author

  • Transform Your Life: Quick Notes On Turning Failure And Poverty Into Success
  • Unleash Your Inventions: The Secret Origin Of Creativity and Inventions
  • Power Of The Mastermind: The Driving Force For Faster Success In Life And Business

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About The Book

Unleash Your Inventions: The Secret Origin Of Creativity and Inventions brings a much-needed fresh perspective to the subject of creativity and invention. The book makes a bold claim that anybody, anybody at all can unlock unlimited capacity for creativity and inventiveness.

Have you ever had an idea and you were completely clueless about how to even develop it any further? You will learn what you were missing.

How do people become creative and inventive? How could you become more creative? The answers are so simple and dumb-founding at the same time.

When you read this book, you will get practical answers to all that and so much more.


About The Author

Ademola Morebise is on a mission to influence Society, advance Civilization and BUILD formidable businesses that will take Africa to the next level. Enterprises based on Innovation and Excellence.

If you are one of those that has grown weary of the mediocrity in the society, you will find his mission of “excellence, productivity and industrial development” relevant and useful.

As an agent of change, Ademola Morebise has invested a lot into empowering young people with critical life skills, ICT skills, and business skills for free. His articles, books, videos and daily podcast (Your Daily Starter) reaches tens of thousands of people every week.

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